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My name is Gianna, and I've had a rough year, so the LAST thing I need is my dad's jerk of a boss DEMANDING  that I go to a gala with him.

I mean, sure he's handsome, if you like tall, dark and powerful.
And he may have a perfect jawline and a mouth that looks like it was spun from sugar and sin, but... wait. What was I saying?

BRB... gotta go get fitted for a dress for the gala.

❤️ Age Gap

❤️ Dad's boss 

❤️ Billionaire

❤️ "Daddy"

❤️ "Good Girl"

Out Now!

An angsty, spicy sports romance with a strong female main character and the hot, football player who wants her back.


Former Navy SEAL, Beau Atwood, is brawny, bossy, and broody, and he wants nothing to do with love...
Until Mr. Grumpy Pants meets Little Miss Nanny Sunshine, and let me tell you, Mr. Pants falls HARD!
And the results are GLORIOUS!

After Bristol Hopkins suffers a tragic loss, she makes a set of rules to ensure she never falls in love again.
Then she meets a giant cinnamon roll named Waylon "Tank" Hanford, and one by one, she breaks her own rules. Until only one rule remains... NO FEELINGS.
Oops! Too late!


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Meet Camden Fitz, a dreamy martial arts specialist with a hard body and a bit of a voyeurism kink. 

When his high school sweetheart - who he hasn't seen in sixteen years - calls him out of the blue, scared out of her mind and in danger, can Cam save her and win back her heart at the same time?


The prequel to Deadly Protector details Cam and Shiloh's sophomore year of high school.

So, hop into this sweet and sexy novella to see where it all started.

(Can be read before or after Deadly, but most prefer to read it after.)

Taz and Woody hate each other, but when they're forced to go undercover as a married couple - with only ONE BED in the room - will the sparks fly?

Or will one of them strangle the other in their sleep?

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When former Navy SEAL Bode meets a sexy safari owner on the side of the road, he's instantly smitten. 

As Landree struggles to trust this man with the three things most important to her - her kids - Bode breaks down her walls in the swooniest ways possible.


But when the past comes back for each of them, will they be able to navigate the twists and turns together?

Even if you don't usually read fantasy, you'll enjoy this steamy rom-com about a genie named Johnny who makes all of Jillian's wishes come true...

Especially in the bedroom.

Coming Soon!


If you read Love Without Numbers, you've already learned about Auburn's younger brother, Monty.

You may think you know the story, but there's SO MUCH MORE to come!

Learn what happened to finally bring him back to New York. You’ll also find out why Chloe was so intent on Auburn marrying Magdalena. Oh, and what caused Paul Bouvier to remain under his bitchy

wife’s thumb for so many years?

You’ll get it all in

Love Without Influence,

coming this Spring!

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If you've read any of my Protectors books and have a vagina, it's no doubt been set on fire by the mere mention of Hawk and his Den of Sin.

Damaged Protector,

the final book in the series will be releasing in 2024, so prepare yourselves!

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